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TREMFYA withMe provides a range of dedicated support and resources to help make it easier for patients as they begin, and continue, their TREMFYA® treatment journey

At the core of the program is a TREMFYA withMe Guide, a dedicated and qualified healthcare professional* who can work one-on-one with patients to:

Answer questions about prescription fulfillment and cost support

Patients will receive education on specialty medication fulfillment and options that could make their treatment more affordable

Connect patients to injection support

You are the best person to review the injection process with your patients and help them understand what to expect. The TREMFYA withMe Guide* is also available, after you have talked with your patients, if they have questions about injections

Help with treatment expectations

Patients will get information on what to expect with their TREMFYA® treatment

Provide regular updates and reminders at the patient’s request

Patients may receive support to help them stay on track with their treatment, plus updates on their TREMFYA® treatment journey

*Guides do not provide medical advice.

TREMFYA withMe provides in-office educational support to help patients have a positive experience throughout their TREMFYA® treatment journey

In-Office Educational Support

Your Field Reimbursement and Access Specialist (FRAS) will provide dedicated, in-office educational support on reimbursement, access, and fulfillment

Access and Affordability Support

TREMFYA withMe can help verify insurance coverage for your patients, provide reimbursement information, find financial assistance options for eligible patients, and provide ongoing support to help patients start and stay on TREMFYA®

TREMFYA withMe Savings Program

TREMFYA withMe Savings Program can help eligible commercial patients save on their out-of-pocket medication costs for TREMFYA®. Your eligible patients will pay $5 per injection. Maximum program benefit per calendar year shall apply. There is no income requirement. Program does not cover the cost to give patients their treatment. See program requirements.

Specialty Pharmacy Enhanced Services

Specialty pharmacies provide enhanced product fulfillment and patient support services

Information about your patient’s insurance coverage, cost support options, and treatment support is given by service providers for TREMFYA withMe via Janssen CarePath. The information you get does not require you or your patient to use any Janssen product. Because the information we give you comes from outside sources, TREMFYA withMe cannot promise the information will be complete. TREMFYA withMe cost support is not for patients in the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation.